Healthcare Weighs In

A better healthcare system depends on deep collaborations across industries. Throughout the project, hear perspectives from organizations including Mayo Clinic, VA Center for Innovation, and academia about how they want to see healthcare improved. Interested in partnering with us? Send us a note.

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Why unlikely partnerships will spark the healthcare revolution

It is the unconventional alliances that will create new healthcare solutions that will change the world. Dr. John Noseworthy, president and CEO of The Mayo Clinic, shares Mayo's vantage point on opportunities for innovation and improvement. And in another post, Dr. Wyatt Decker, CEO of Mayo Clinic Arizona, weighs in on the potential of collaborative innovation to shape medicine as well.

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The easy thing about the hard things in healthcare

"While many investors might shy away, we believe these 'leapfrog' approaches enabling an entirely new healthcare system represent both the biggest market and moral opportunities. Reimagining key elements of the healthcare stack—care, cures, and costs—should create a system that is affordable and equitable for everyone. Incremental improvements on the current system simply won’t get us there fast enough. And it isn’t a stretch to suggest that our very way of life is at risk if we don’t." Read more from our co-investors at Obvious Ventures.

Vishal Vasishth

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Next-generation house call

Our current system of care is fundamentally flawed. We ask patients with limited mobility, driving ability, or cognitive ability to come see us healthy physicians on our terms; instead, we should see them on theirs. This flaw prevents many from accessing care; for example, 40% of individuals over 65 with Parkinson’s disease don’t see a neurologist for their condition, and those that don’t are more likely to fracture a hip, be placed in a skilled nursing facility, and die.

Ray Dorsey, MD